About Cut Classics

The idea for Cut Classics was developed by wife and husband team, Atlanta & Anthony O'Connor, during lockdown in 2020. The enforced break from normal life gave us a chance to do something that we'd often talked about, but never done - to launch a business together, in an area that we were passionate about and in which we could be pioneers.

Here's some key facts about the drinks (scroll down further for full nutritional disclosures):

✔ 20% ABV: Half the alcohol of a full strength gin, vodka or rum.

✔ Half the calorie content of a full strength gin, vodka or rum.

✔ Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. Gluten free.

✔ Zero sugar. Ultra-low / No Carb.

✔ Made using traditional distillation methods - nothing artificial.

✔ The taste of classic spirits in a softer, lighter style.

✔ Award winners at the International Spirits Challenge 2022.

Cut Classics deliver the taste, character, versatility and enjoyment of traditional spirits at an alcohol level better suited to modern life. We call this Moderation Without Compromise®.

Nutritional Info

Although alcoholic spirits are not legally required to publish nutritional information, we believe it important to be open and honest about such things.

Each 25ml serve of any of our Cut Classics contains:

  • Energy = 28kcal / 117 kJ
  • Carbohydrate = 0g (except CC Vodka = 0.1g)
    Of which sugars = 0g
  • Fat = 0g
    Of which saturates = 0g
  • Protein = 0g
  • Salt = 0mg
  • Fibre = 0g

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer them.

About Alcohol Units

UK government guidance suggests a weekly maximum alcohol intake of 14 units. But what does that really mean in terms of different types of drink?

  • G&T made with Cut Classic: ½ a unit
  • Large glass of wine: 3.3 units
  • Medium glass of wine: 2.3 units
  • Small glass of white: 1.6 units
  • Pint of cider: 2-3 units
  • Pint of lager: 2 - 3 units
  • Double G&T: 2 units
  • Mojito cocktail: 2.4 units
  • Margarita: 4 - 4.5 units


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