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We hope to answer your curiosity here – indeed we welcome it. If we haven’t quite covered off everything you’d like to know, please get in touch – we love nothing more than talking about Cut Classics.

What is a Light Spirit Drink?

We are not allowed to call any spirit under 37.5% ABV by its category name, e.g. gin, vodka or rum. It has to be labelled as a Spirit Drink. Please be assured that our Spirit Drinks each made with the authentic spirits indicated; but being cut to 20% ABV they need to be labelled differently.

Halving the amount of alcohol from a typical 40% ABV also halves the calorific content of our drinks. Each 25ml measure of a Cut Classic contains just 28 calories, making them a genuinely “light” alternative to full strength spirits with their much higher calorific hit.

How do you make Cut Classics?

Each of our Cut Classic Premium Spirits is made in exactly the same way that the full strength spirit is made - be it single-distilled; triple-distilled; or distilled, barrel aged and blended. We simply up the botanicals at the early production stage and create base spirits with fuller flavours so when cut to 20% the familiar flavours remain. We do not add additional flavours/boosters. So what you get is an authentic but softer version of the spirit’s full strength counterpart.

How do Cut Classic Spirits compare to typical Spirits?

All Cut Classics are premium light spirits so are smooth and elegant on the palate. They don’t have the harsh burn that many spirits have. As Cut Classics are formulated to 20% ABV (instead of a typical 40% ABV) they’ve been remastered to deliver on taste with lower alcohol and therefore lower calories.

Why can’t I have half a measure of a full strength spirit and get the same outcome?

This a great question with an easy answer. Halving the amount of spirit you serve would also halve the amount of flavour. We work hard, using increased botanicals, and careful distillation and blending techniques, to create base spirits with fuller flavours, so when we cut the base spirit to 20% ABV the classic flavours remain. Also, our on-trade customers have to serve alcohol in at least 25ml servings, so 12.5ml (1/2) servings just won’t cut the mustard. That would be a "short measure" and it is illegal.

Are Cut Classics Gluten Free & Vegan?

Distilled alcohol, even if it is made from a gluten-containing grain, such as wheat, rye or barley, is considered gluten-free. This is because if an alcohol is distilled, proteins from the starting materials that provided the starch or sugar are removed in the distillation process. Check this out:

No animals were harmed or used in any of our drinks – we love animals here at Cut Classics and our 3 dogs can often be found under our desks.

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