Cut Classic made with
British Grain Vodka

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Clean, creamy and smooth – the classic elements of a full strength vodka delivered in a softer and lighter style. This Cut Classic is meticulously formulated to create a velvety, mellow ‘light’ spirit drink that’s smoother by design; with half the alcohol and calories of its full strength counterparts.

Triple distilled for us at a leading UK distillery, using 100% British grown wheat, it has a distinctive malty note. Elegant on the palate and without the harsh burn that many spirits have, it can be enjoyed straight up or with a mixer, but really comes into its own as a cocktail ingredient or as the basis for a freshly made Hard Seltzer. 

At 20% ABV and with just 28 calories per 25ml serve, the classic elements of a premium full strength vodka are delivered in a softer and lighter style.

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