Destination Leisure

Cut Classics are proving popular at venues that consumers travel to in order to undertake a leisure activity or to enjoy some entertainment like a film, concert or play.

It could be a golf club like the Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club.

It could be one of TeamSport Karting's 30+ tracks in England and Wales. (You'll find us in the bar at all of them)!

It could be your local cricket club. It could be a theatre / arts hub like the Courtyard in Hereford.

Wherever people go to enjoy an activity / some entertainment and where they might choose to enjoy an alcoholic drink, but don't want to have to worry about its impact on enjoying their activity or getting home afterwards.

Events & Hospitality

Cut Classics are a great option for companies or individuals who are providing alcoholic drinks to guests at an event or party, and who want to strike a balance between people enjoying themselves and people overdoing it.

Our 20% ABV spirits allow venues to create cocktails and long drinks with half the usual alcohol content. That allows guests to pace themselves better, and for the atmosphere to be convivial rather than anything uncomfortable.

We have supplied spirits for events hosted by the leadership of the British Army, to leading international law firms (including one of the Magic Circle), and for weddings and birthday parties.

Cut Classics are a great option for making the party last twice as long, and ensuring that everyone goes home happy and safe.

Hotels, Restaurants & Bars

Cut Classics are featuring more and more on Light Cocktail lists and drinks menus in venues ranging from five star London hotels like the London Hilton on Park Lane, to well-known gastropubs near Cut Classics HQ, such as The Hardwick.

We can also be found in the restaurant at wonderfully quirky country locations such as Iford Manor, where parts of Sanditon and the Secret Garden were filmed.

Keep an eye on our news section for announcements of new venues.

Retail Outlets

Cut Classics are available at the Club Soda Tasting Room, Bar & Shop on Drury Lane in Covent Garden. It’s run by the world’s leading mindful drinking experts: Club Soda. If you’re in London, head along and ask to try a Cut Classic!

Our low alcohol, low calorie spirits are also available at several high quality farm shops / outlets in the Marches and Cotswolds – for example, Burford Garden Company and Ludlow Farm Shop.

They can also be found at leading wine and spirit merchants in our local area, including Fingal Rock in Monmouth and the Secret Bottle Shop in Hereford.

Keep an eye on our News section for updates on retail outlets.

Online Retailers

We work with a small number of trusted online retail partners including DrinkWell UK DrinkWell UK.

DrinkWell is the leading online platform for lower calorie alcoholic drinks. They do a great job of giving an exciting range of beer, wine and spirit options to UK consumers who enjoy alcohol but who want to reduce their sugar / calorie intake.

We also work with several other well-known online platforms, currently including Not on the High Street.

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