The Cocktail Party Pack - Twice The Fun!

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Hosting a cocktail party, or stocking up the home bar? The Party Pack gets you two of each type of Cut Classic light spirit - six bottles in total - at an amazing price!

Cut Classic made with London Dry Gin

Beautifully perfumed, with notes of spice and peel, this light spirit delivers a classic juniper-led profile in an elegant and soft style. Distilled in some of the oldest working copper stills in the UK, this is the perfect drink for fans of London Dry Gin looking for a healthier or lighter option.

With half the alcohol and calories found in a typical full strength gin, this Cut Classic is the perfect choice for a guilt-free lunchtime or weekday G&T! 

Half the alcohol, just 28 calories per 25ml serve, but 100% of the flavour.

Cut Classic made with British Grain Vodka

Clean, creamy and smooth – the classic elements of a full strength vodka delivered in a softer and lighter style. This award-winning Cut Classic has been carefully crafted to deliver a velvety, mellow ‘light’ spirit with half the alcohol and calorie content of its full strength counterparts.

Triple distilled for us at a leading UK distillery using 100% British grown wheat, it is elegant and gentle on the palate and can be enjoyed straight up or with a mixer. It really comes into its own as a cocktail ingredient - the perfect choice for easy going Bloody Marys on a Sunday morning and lighter styles of Espresso Martini to keep the party going on a Friday night!

At 20% ABV and with just 28 calories per 25ml serve, the classic elements of a premium full strength vodka are delivered in a softer and lighter style.

Cut Classic made with Aged Caribbean Rum

Created exclusively for us by a Master Blender at a centuries old rum house, this blend of exceptional barrel-aged Caribbean rums, showcases classic rum flavours in a smooth and easy drinking style.

Warming and complex, with loads of personality from nose to finish, it delivers rich spices and notes of vanilla and caramel in an elegant and soft form. It is wonderful to sip neat, and very much at home as part of a cocktail or with your favourite mixer. With half the alcohol and calorie content of a typical full strength rum, this lighter and healthier spirit can be enjoyed without hesitation or guilt whenever you feel like it!

At 20% ABV and just 28 calories per 25ml serve there's no reason to hesitate!