Sip the Light Fantastic this January!

Happy New Year! May 2024 bring you health and happiness!

At the start of the year many of us reflect on changes that we could make to improve our lifestyle and wellbeing. For some people that means going on a diet for a few weeks (or days)! For some it means finally getting that gym membership and braving the dark mornings or evenings in the pursuit of improved fitness. For others it means 'doing' Dry January - slogging through the dankest month of the year with not so much as a sip of your favourite drink to take the edge off. 

Good luck to all concerned! Sadly, the stats tell us that good intentions are hard to sustain - particularly when they require a radical change from previous behaviours. 

For anyone considering cutting back their alcohol intake in 2024, have a think about how switching to lower alcohol options could help you to make a lasting change. At Cut Classics we have created exceptional low alcohol spirits. Only 20% ABV, they contain half the alcohol of a typical full strength gin, rum or vodka. They also offer a low calorie spirit option - at only 28 calories per 25ml serve, they again come in at half the calorie content of a typical gin, vodka or rum. (In actual fact they contain considerably less than half the calories found in flavoured spirits). 

Best of all, our low abv spirits actually taste like your favourite drinks. They are all traditionally distilled and have absolutely no added flavouring or sugar. We have focused hard on crafting drinks that really do deliver the expected aromas and flavours at only 20% ABV. That's why we win awards at international spirits competitions, and get great reviews in the press. It's why we are stocked at an ever-growing list of venues and are often used in cocktails served at client or employee events organised by leading UK corporates. 

This January, we invite you to "Sip the Light Fantastic" - give our wonderful Light Spirits a go and see whether you actually miss the strength of old school spirits. Our bet is that you won't. That means that you can make a lasting positive lifestyle change - reducing the amount of alcohol that you drink (and calories that you take on through drink), whilst continuing to enjoy the flavour and fun of your favourite spirits and cocktails.


(Note: the above absolutely does not apply to anyone who is concerned that they cannot control their drinking / are developing a dependency. If that is the case then please, please seek help from your GP, a trusted friend or an organisation such as Alcohol Change UK).