Remember Threshers? They're Back!

In the nineties and well into the noughties it felt as if every high street had a Threshers wine shop! Then, in 2009, their parent company went bust and that was that - the shutters came down and the shops closed. Recently, however, the brand has been revived by an enterprising team who now operate it principally as an online wine and spirits store - 

We've found them notably receptive to the reality that Alcohol-Free, Low Alcohol and Light Spirits are all different things. It's refreshing to find a retailer that takes this seriously. People searching for Alcohol Free drinks don't want to be shown 20% ABV products like Cut Classics. For our part, we don't like being lumped in either with the 0% options or with those operating in the 0.5% to 12% range and whose drinks are not really spirits in style, substance or method. 

So, welcome back Threshers and thank you for taking the time to understand that Light Spirits are a distinct category!